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Sales Outreach Campaign Powered by AI Grows Audience for Resurface

Challenge: Resurface needed a sales strategy. It launched with a handful of customers, all on its free plan. Product and engineering is the main focus of founder Sanj, who lacked time to structurally think about sales. Resurface needed to focus on getting its first paying customer. It needed to pinpoint when to reach out to its leads, and what to say to them.

Sanj chose QuantCopy because:

  1. For Resurface’s first customers, he wanted to acquired them with sales outreach over marketing.
  2. Paid advertising is too expensive, especially given Resurface’s market. QuantCopy is cost-effective.
  3. Content marketing, while affordable, takes a long time to show an ROI. QuantCopy converted Resurface’s first leads in days.

Doing direct outreach made a lot of sense for us as an early stage startup. We could have gone with content marketing to drive leads, but this takes a lot of resource and time to execute. Quantcopy was the smart choice for us. We were able to get up and running in a matter of weeks, and it felt like we had an in house sales team.

Sanjeevan Ambalanvar, Founder of Resurface and serial entrepreneur

Easy-to-Use AI Writes Sales Messages that Target Ideal Customers

Solution: The goal was to get trial sign-ups. QuantCopy monitors Resurface’s 10,000+ leads over Twitter and the internet. Every day, each lead’s profile is updated with their latest tweets, and any new information from their company websites.

Using the AI message engine, Resurface created its own sales AI to write messages personalized to the marketing activity and content of each lead. For example, if a lead consistently tweets about their own content, the AI personalized message will comment on the fact.

Every morning, all the leads are ranked with predictive scoring, and QuantCopy reached out to a selection of the top ranking leads. QuantCopy has learned to execute a mix of likes, retweets, replies, and DMs to grab attention and maximize conversion.

Expanding Resurface’s Reach to new Personas

Result: Leads interacted and replied to QuantCopy’s messages immediately. Leads were converting every week, and trial sign ups grew. Sanj was supported closely by Rudy, discussing sales strategy, messaging, and product positioning. Everybody agreed that the next target was to get a paying customer.

QuantCopy was extremely easy for us to setup and integrate with, and I was so excited when our first paying customer came through!

One sunny Thursday, Resurface’s Stripe account roared to life – somebody paid! A second look confirmed that the customer was a lead converted by QuantCopy. The rest, as they say, is history.

Sanj chose QuantCopy not only because it automated his entire top-of-funnel, but also because it provided a strategy to convert leads for Resurface. Looking into the future, Resurface is using QuantCopy to research even more leads, and is rolling out more Personas for QuantCopy to engage.

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