How to Write a Business Proposal for a Customer

How to Write a Business Proposal

A business proposal is a vital step in the sales process.

It outlines what you can offer to your prospect and provides them with a concrete plan of how you will carry it out. It puts into tangible terms just what you can do for them – and explains why they should choose your company over any other.

Taking that into consideration, it’s clear that the proposal for your customer is something that you have to get right – otherwise you risk any chance of a sale. Make sure you perfect your proposal by making use of our top tips below.

Understand your client’s business

For any hope of having your business proposal resonate with your prospect, you need to understand what they do – inside and out.

If you put a foot wrong here you could dash any dreams of signing them up to your services. Address something they don’t feel is relevant to them and they could thing you’re generalising your services, or worse, that you don’t fully understand what it is they do.

Before you begin to make a start on the proposal, make sure you’re completely aware of their business and what its audience is – this will help you later if they do decide to take you up on the offer!

Define their needs

Once you’ve got your head around what it is their business does, who it deals with and where it’s based, turn your attention to what their needs are.

There’s bound to be a pressure point that they’re struggling with, as is the case with every business. When you discover what it is, use it to your advantage.

Take note of the areas that need some TLC and address these in your proposal. It will be meaningful to your prospect that you’ve taken the time to address these areas and will make your services seem perfectly tailored to them.

Some points you need to address include:

– How have they addressed the issue in the past, and why it hasn’t worked?

– What outcome would they like to see?

–  What’s their budget?

Outline the solution

Now you’ve told them where they’re going wrong, it’s time to tell them how you’re going to put it right.

However, this can’t just be an off-the-cuff comment in one sentence where you say you’ll make everything they’re worried about disappear as soon as they sign up.

Authenticity and establishing a step-by-step process is key here so your prospect can visualise how you can help them solve the problem.

Your solution must address:

– An overview of how others in their industry manage the problem and how this relates to them, or why they should solve it differently

– What results you can potentially deliver

– How you stand out from others who offer similar services

Get the admin mapped out

Now you’ve established that you know what the business is about, what their needs are and how you can go about solving it, you need to get all the paperwork out of the way.

This is the nitty-gritty stuff that your prospect really wants to know about; prices, projected timelines and any T&Cs that need to be addressed.

What process do you use to ensure your business proposal covers all bases? Leave your comments in the section below.

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