Ben, welcome to QuantCopy!

Ben Andrew

I am delighted to announce that Ben Andrew has joined the QuantCopy family, as an engineer focusing on text analytics and visualization. He comes from 5 years of C++, Python, and Unity experience, with a focus on computer graphics and applied linear algebra. As a deeply technical expert who enjoys food, climbing, and having fun, he fits right in with the QuantCopy team.

Ben’s main experience is with building software that creates rendered 3D scenes, focusing on ray tracing, shading and other aspects of computer graphics. He runs a cool blog that talks about all of the results, especially the less successful ones. During his time studying rendering, he gained experience in scientific computing topics like floating point precision management, software performance optimization, and GPU programming.

A successful 3D render produced by Ben's software.
A successful 3D render produced by Ben’s software. Note the fancy detail shaded here.

One of the most interesting projects was a transpiler from C++ to Python bytecode. What that means is that Ben can use his C++ projects directly within Python, with no additional work to convert his C++ code. This allowed him to write quick UIs that interfaced with the more fundamental computer graphics engine that he wrote in C++. This deeply technical solution to speed up development time is exactly what makes us excited as a team.

Something less successful
Something less successful from the renderer, but great fun to look at

On the side, Ben runs TEVA photography ( He is super passionate about photography, and adventures around London regularly with his many lenses. Because of this, we were able to have a huge amount of fun doing a team photoshoot with his help.

At QuantCopy, Ben is working on analysing keyword and topic trends that your target contacts and accounts are discussing online. He is helping our AI build an understanding of the relationships between companies, contacts, news, and key industry trends. With this, you will soon be able to discover new sales triggers with ease on QuantCopy, visualize what prospects are talking about online, and how you can take advantage of these insights to grow your sales pipeline.

Welcome Ben!

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