QuantCopy makes conversational AI sell for you.

Effective inbound and outbound sales driven by scientific, data-driven AI social selling.

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Our mission

We deliver the power of personalized and automated social selling campaigns in a simple UX. QuantCopy combines real-time data, rigorous optimization, and world class sales scientists to deliver a high and consistent volume of qualified opportunities.

Our story

QuantCopy started as a side project when we ran out of time to do outbound sales. Lead qualification was repetitive. Sales emails and social selling workflows were hard to track, and hard to optimize.

With our backgrounds in quantitative research, we dissected the modern B2B sales process, and rebuilt it with cutting edge technologies like natural language generation and reinforcement learning. Now, every B2B sales decision can be tracked and optimized.

You control the voice of your new A.I. sales team. We simply designed a simple, effortless way for you to automate the top of your sales funnel.


Founding Team


👋 Hi, I am Rudy.

I am the founder of QuantCopy, where I focus on building an algorithm that converts your leads into customers. In this journey, I got to speak at exciting venues like Indie Hackers and O’Reilly Media, discussing topics related to sales and AI.

My entrepreneurial journey started with Europe’s top deep tech incubator, Entrepreneur First.

Before this, I spent 5 years in algorithmic trading, building and running automated market making businesses at Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. I am a CS grad from Imperial.

Say hi via email, LinkedInTwitter, or Github.


Interested in joining QuantCopy? We offer competitive salary and benefits, plus a workplace that empowers you to focus on leveraging your expertise and generating creative solutions. We have openings for AI Engineers and Sales/Marketing scientists.

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