Research Automation for Enterprise Sales

Save time on researching customers, personalizing sales content, and staying on top of your target markets.
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Know your customers, automatically

Sales is all about personalization, but it is impossible to keep up with all of your customers. Every day, you drown in information. You miss out on opportunities to connect with key customers. Take back control in 4 simple steps:

Know your customers

QuantCopy researches and monitors company websites, news, blogs, social posts related to your prospects and target accounts.

Segment by research

Segment your contacts using our research, creating audiences based on blog post keywords, announcement categories (like a funding round), and more.

Personalize any email

Add research details into any drip email. For example, “Just saw ACME’s product launch on TechCrunch yesterday, must be a big milestone for a product manager like you!”

Smash your targets

With research and personalization down to a few clicks, watch qualified opportunities roll into your sales pipeline using our deep CRM and marketing integrations.

Thanks for reaching out! I get thousands of emails a day, but yours really stood out which is why I replied.

Mr. C

Prospect of Colibri Digital

We were able to get up and running in a matter of weeks, and it felt like we had an in house sales team.


CEO, Resurface and Serial Entrepreneur

5x ROI in the first two weeks of going live, its been mega for us!


Head of Digital, Colibri Digital

The timing of your outreach was perfect, just what we needed.

Mr. D

Prospect of Colibri Digital

Use Cases


Engage, nurture, and qualify cold prospects faster with our real time insights and sales triggers. Build a bigger sales pipeline.


Prioritize and follow up with the right leads using signals across websites, blogs, news, and social media. Increase sales efficiency.

Account Based Marketing

Qualify target accounts and personalize campaigns using our automatic research. Win bigger deals.

Start more conversations

QuantCopy has delivered more than 5x ROI for our private beta clients. Get in touch today and let us help you qualify more leads at a lower cost.
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