News Triggered Predictive Outreach

Use web, social, and news events to trigger timely and personalized outreach, increasing your conversion and growing your pipeline.


QuantCopy is a B2B funnel optimization platform for sales and marketing. We give you tools to unify customer data, manage outreach experiments, and learn from responses, all powered by external insights.

Here is how it works:
Thanks for reaching out! I get thousands of emails a day, but yours really stood out which is why I replied.

Mr. C

Prospect of Colibri Digital

We were able to get up and running in a matter of weeks, and it felt like we had an in house sales team.


CEO, Resurface and Serial Entrepreneur

5x ROI in the first two weeks of going live, its been mega for us!


Head of Digital, Colibri Digital

The timing of your outreach was perfect, just what we needed.

Mr. D

Prospect of Colibri Digital

QuantCopy is £500 per month, all inclusive.

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Track accounts across:

✔️ Social Media Posts
✔️ 30,000 News Sources
✔️ Company websites
✔️ Company blogs

Prospect and Research

✔️ Research Hub
✔️ Calculations
✔️ Campaign Triggers
✔️ Predictive Lead Scoring

Engage with a plan

✔️ Email Sequences
✔️ Manual Feedback to Models
✔️ Export to Mixmax
✔️ Sync Mixmax Data

State of the art

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