A new way to find and target more customers

Pitch to your leads and customers at the best opportunity with A.I. generated email and tweets, triggered by news or social media feeds.

We will email you updates from our products and company, and we never share your personal information with third parties.

Quantcopy writes the emails, and you just need to click send:

Generated Message New Sequence
Press Release - CNBC
Lead Scoring
Product A Outreach Drip Jan18: Step 1/7
Ayla Sovány (ayla@acmeinc.com)
AI for Quantified Self

Hi Ayla,

you recently talked about ACME using artificial intelligence and machine learning to crunch quantified self data, and I was particularly excited to see your Series B funding ...

 3:00pm today

But how do we generate the message?

How it works

Connect your CRM and Email

Assign leads to Quantcopy through your CRM. Integrate Quantcopy to your email automation tools so that it can reach out to leads and analyze its own
performance analytics.

QuantCopy researches your leads

QuantCopy looks at social media activity, mentions in the press, and other traces of your leads online to find actionable events that can be used to pitch.

Emails are drafted for you

When actionable and relevant events (e.g. a new funding round) appear, a sequence of personalized sales emails appear in your draft folder. Approve and
hit send!

Quantcopy syncs with your CRM, and teaches itself with your email analytics.

Mailbox Integrations
Microsoft 365
IMAP Server
CRM Integrations
Salesforce coming soon
Pipedrive via Zapier
Hubspot via Zapier
Intelligent CSV import

And that's Quantcopy! Get on the waitlist now to try the alpha version:

We will email you updates from our products and company. We will never share your personal information with third parties.